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VideOdyssey Membership

VHS friends with benefits

Find us at: 37-45 Windsor St, Toxteth, L8 1XE

Dubbed 'the UK's last video shop'. Members area with an intimate 70 seat cinema behind our wall of sliding horror tapes. Pump yourself up on our parade of 12 arcade machines... St Fighter, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and Pac Man.

Be kind - unwind Your Mind

Get your hands on our delightfully vintage inspired VideOdyssey members' cards.

As a member you save £20 by scoring two free introductory passes into our arcade (general admission £10) and cinema spaces, access to tape and VCR rentals and priority booking on events and discounts. 

Memberships cost £25 on an annual renewal. But hurry and become one of our first 100 members and qualify for lifetime membership. 

Membership: Welcome
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